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We will do our best to ensure that Remflow provides the service that you need. We aim to ensure that transfers and payments are as smooth and as simple as possible. We want to take the pain out of moving payments around. Please contact us with any of your ideas or features that could simplify the process and we will do our best to incorporate them.

Why RemFlow?

Stress free movement of money. To remove the payment boarders and barriers to help and aid those that are in need.

Remflow Transfers

QR Code

Using our QR Code feature, you can carry out payments direct to your friends or family with no hassle.

Email receipient

With just an email address you have the ability to send a link to a friend or colleague. They can just click the link to enable them to begin the process of receiving the payment made by you!


Just by sending your friend or colleague a text you have the ability to enable a Remflow payment

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